Wax, Valspar (Prim+Paint), distress help!

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Wax, Valspar (Prim+Paint), distress help!

Hi! This is my first time here! I am enjoying this blog a lot. I am following Rebecca's intructions on the use of Valspar (Prime+Paint) instead of Chalk Paint. I even bought the same colr she did! Everything was Ok...I painted the side table and was so excited to use the wax that I applied itnit before distressing the piece! After realizing that, i bufered it and probable will distress it with sand paper...

1. should I readd wax paste after distressing?
2. What is the best way to avoid the brush streaks to show?
3. What is the best way to apply the wax to a "chalk-painted" piece. I don't want to see the marks of the cloth.

I think those are my questions for now! Who can help me? The piee is looking good altough It is not perfect! Your help and ideas will help me a lot and will be appreciated