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[BLOG PROMPT] Elf on a Shelf

HOST Amy Renea
OK, so there are 101 lists of 101 things you can do with Mr. Elf on a Shelf, right?

Here are some other ideas for your latest holiday blog post....

19 other characters you can use instead of Mr. Elf
 (You know like the leprechaun figurine gathering dust in the garage, the tiny stuffed kittens your grandma gave you when you were 6 or those ugly ceramic chickens your neighbor gifted you last year.  They all work!)

200 things NOT to do with your Elf on a Shelf

50 ways an Elf on a Shelf can improve your child's behavior

5 Ways the Elf on a Shelf can damage your child's psyche

Top 10 Dollar Store Props for your Elf on a Shelf

Your turn!!